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Tommy S. mratommyk at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 09:44:09 UTC 2011

Regarding copyright on the android market photo, i'm afraid you're right
Pieter, from the bombardier TOS:

*When used herein, the term “Bombardier” refers to Bombardier Inc. and/or
its subsidiaries. The materials contained on or accessible through this
website (including, without limitation, all digital images of Bombardier
manufactured aircraft, rail vehicles, transportation systems and all other
products or services offered by Bombardier) shall not be used,
redistributed, broadcast, published, copied to any other media or reproduced
other than for personal, educational and non-commercial purposes without the
prior written consent of Bombardier. These materials must not be altered in
any manner, distorted or used in any way that is detrimental to Bombardier’s
image or reputation. The copyright in these materials is either owned by
Bombardier or is used by Bombardier with the permission of the owner.
Bombardier does not represent or warrant that such materials do not infringe
the rights of others. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as
granting, explicitly or implicitly, any license or other right to use these
materials other than in accordance with the terms contained herein.*
Shall i mail them or just take a photo myself and forget about all the legal
blabla? :)

kind regagrds,

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