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Louis de Decker louisdedecker at gmail.com
Tue Jan 25 00:55:35 UTC 2011

hi guys,

quick question: have you defined a place/hour for the meetup on 2/2 ?

Le 24/01/11 21:53, Pieter Colpaert a écrit :
> Hi Jonathan,
> On Mon, 2011-01-24 at 15:46 +0000, jonathan orban wrote:
>> What about recording all the data generated by infrabel? I would see 3
>> direct applications that would be very valuable for all travelers:
> Yes, that's one of our plans for February. You summed up exactly what we
> are going to do. The timeframe that I see is that we should go 'alpha'
> in March. We will provide historical data through the same API and same
> calls. At this moment when you search for<  +-2 weeks it will generate
> an error message.
> The database that we are going to set-up will be available to use for
> anyone. We will also ask treinvertragingen.be for their data of the past
> 2 years.
> Are you interested in helping?
>> Questions:
>> Is it allowed to record such data?
> Yes. The data according to the second database law is not copyrighted.
>> How difficult would that be technically?
> It needs a lot of thinking: what needs to be saved into a database? Only
> the realtime information of that day? And does that need to be saved per
> hour/per minute or per vehicle that day? We don't need to save the
> static data for each day since that data doesn't change every year. We
> do however need to take into account that this static data changes in
> 2013 and has already changed a couple of times in the past;
> This is an engineering problem for February and I'm sure we will figure
> this out. As we have already written the real-time API, gathering the
> information itself is not difficult at al.
>> How much data would that generate per day?
> Needs to be checked. But if we would save the delay of each train
> between two stations, multiplied by the number of trains and stops - 1
> the trains make, you can get an idea ;-)
>> How much would it cost to record the data and save it on a server?
> We will do that with the NPO (vzw/asbl). So it will not cost you
> anything.
> Pieter
> P.S. Don't forget the second of February we are doing an iRail meetup.
> If then you want to support iRail you can become a member of the NPO
> (working member: for free and we protect your copyright, supporting
> member: annual fee)
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