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Yeri Tiete yeri at tiete.be
Thu Jan 27 20:57:20 UTC 2011

Hi Joris

You might want to check if this fits your needs: https://github.com/iRail/iRail-images/tree/master/logo
There no fancy "powered by"-catch phrase though. You'll have to add it yourself.

The logo in PDF and huge resolution can be found here (can't put it on Github): http://static.0x04.com/2011/01/betrain-roundHD+iRail.pdf (50Mb).

Hope that'll do!

Kind regards,
Yeri Tiete
yeri at tiete.be
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On 27 Jan 2011, at 21:52, Joris Timmerman wrote:

> Hey list,
> Do we have a logo for iRail?
> I'm looking for a "Powered by iRail"-logo or badge to put on the splash screen of my Playbook application.
> Thanks!
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