[iRail] Stations in Liveboards

Alex van Herwijnen alex at alex-media.nl
Sat Jul 30 13:36:31 UTC 2011


I just viewed a liveboard for Antwerp Central station. The 9200 train series
is the international intercity between Amsterdam and Brussels, where all odd
train numbers are headed for Amsterdam and all even ones go to Brussels.
However, according to iRail, this train will go to... Antwerp. Here's a bit
from the response XML:

<departure id="9" delay="0" left="0">
<station id="BE.NMBS.008821006" locationX="4.421242" locationY="51.21686"
standardname="Antwerp Central">Antwerp Central</station>
<time formatted="2011-07-30T16:00:00Z">1312034400</time>
<platform normal="1">22</platform>

When I look at the liveboard on the Railtime website, it correctly shows
Amsterdam Centraal.

What's different here?

- Alex
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