[iRail] Minuts of meeting: Gianni Tabbone - 15th june 2011

Christophe Versieux christophe.versieux at gmail.com
Sun Jun 26 11:10:12 UTC 2011

Hello dear mailing list,

I just wanted to give you a little feedback concerning the meeting I had 
yesterday with Gianni T. from the www.navetteurs.be website.
  7.000 belgian train users had already subscribed to his newsletter and 
his website had some peak to 20.000 readers a day, but unfortunately, he 
seems to offer only french speaking services.

Most of you had reacted over the news that this website and the company 
Tuende would launch an SMS service for the people taking NMBS/SNCB Trains.

Yesterday, I drove 1hour to Liege and had a nice talk with him. I of 
course told him that we had an amazing service, amazing applications on 
many platforms, etc..
He was of course impressed and he really willing to work with us and 
share all the communication service.

Unfortunately he has no technical knowledge and we have to talk with 
eder at tuende.com, teri at tuende.com, engy at tuende.com, tuende.com at gmail.com 
for the SMS service.
You have just to know that he is quite pessimist about the SMS service. 
Something is already working pretty well with a limited SMS users ( I 
will ask them the access) but in order to be "sponsored" and keep a free 
service (ads in the SMS) he needs more enthousiasts people. So , maybe 
they won't do anything.

I will to take contact with them this week to know how to get their data 
and share them with our users and iRail.
I need just a few days to write something correct and explain clearly 
what we have to offer, and what we will ask them.

Feel free to give me your ideas on GTalk ( this adress) or replying this 

See you!


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