[iRail] Android user feedback Fwd: Link for LLN

Tim Esselens tim.esselens at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 11:46:33 UTC 2011

> I know that's hard to admit, but there is still a huge work to do on the API
> before giving same result than railtime.be.

we're working on it! :-)

cpanm -S -fn WWW::IRail::API

perl -MWWW::IRail::API -e 'print irail from => "louvain-la-neuve-universite"'
  - platform: 2
    station: Namen
    time: 1308312120
    vehicle: BE.NMBS.L6263
  - station: Mont Saint Guibert
    time: 1308312360
    vehicle: BE.NMBS.L6284
station: Mont Saint Guibert
timestamp: 1308310750

This is the reason I've created this parser,results can be compared.
Are you interested in creating testcases for these? (railtime vs APIv1
vs perl)

> Don't take it bad or negatively, at least, we have something to do during
> all our spare evenings :)

If some testresults come out of this we can pick the better parser.

> For instance :
> Train cancelled
> Train with modified itinerary
> Station added or removed from initial itinerary
> Etc...

Interesting indeed.
Tim Esselens

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