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June! the 29th. Apologies :< 

That means next week, yes.

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On 21 Jun 2011, at 22:23, Yeri Tiete wrote:

> Hi List,
> I'd like to welcome you to the 2nd General Meeting of this year.
> Where?
> We'll hold it, just like last time, in Tour & Taxis.
> When?
> Wednesday, July the 29th!
> Doors will open at 19h30, the actual event starts at 20h00. We'll end around 23h00.
> Keep in mind, while there's a shuttle provided by T&T from Brussels North, it ends around 21h00, and thus you'll have to walk/hitchhike/use public transport to get back to the train station. 
> Who?
> Everyone is welcome to join. Plenty of seats and tables should be provided! 
> All members, and non-members are very welcome. Everyone that wants to listen or has something to say is invited!
> However, for organisational reasons, I'd like you to confirm whether or not you'll be there. 
> Send us an email (board at iRail.be), or Tweet us (@iRail). Cheers !
> Why?
> For fun & giggles. But also because we want to discuss stuff. A lot of stuff. 
> It's time to get the paper work done (yup, no one likes paperwork).
> We'll provide you with a simple, yet official, I-want-to-be-member-of-the-iRail-npo form. 
> And some people still need to sign the FLA.
> As for mini presentations, Pieter will present iSoC to you, Joris will showcase his Playbook. Tim Esselens will demo the BeLaws project, and Tim Besard will hopefully be able to display something about his Symbian app. 
> Greet, our 'first' job student, will give a brief introduction of herself. She's going to help us out in a lot of ways!  
> If we get the chance, more students will show up to introduce themselves. These students will be employed during the iSoC project.
> But... We're still looking for activities. If you want to display or discuss something, please let us know (that's right -- board at iRail.be!)
> A detailed list will be put online on the wiki, at http://project.irail.be/wiki/GM2011v2
> Thanks!
> Special thanks to Christophe Petitjean and Judith Tourwé for sponsoring the location.
> To Pieter and Christophe for being so board-worthy...
> And for all of you for being plainly awesome!
> Oh, and to our data providers; NMBS, DL, MIVB (? ;)), and the rest !
> Additional information will be communicated in the coming days.
> Hope to see you there ! 
> --
> Kind regards,
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