[iRail] In search of interesting people to work with.

Miet Claes miet at mietclaes.com
Sun Feb 26 16:35:59 UTC 2012

Dear iRailers,

I have an interesting call for some of you. For a while now, Wouter
Soudan<http://www.linkedin.com/in/woutersoudan> has
been looking for the right people to “get things done”. The reason I
brought all of you together in this email, is that you all are very
talented and motivated people with varying skills but the same goal: making
little dents in the universe. Dr. Soudan has been working on a few ideas
and projects, but he's looking for some like-minded souls to help out.
Sorry guys, no easy-money, but hard and ambitious work.

Who fits the profile?

   - People who know some of this: CouchDB, php (Symfony), ExtJS4/Sencha,
   - People who have a lot of this: motivation, guts, talent, willingness
   to explore new ground

I suggest we invite Wouter to the next iRail
meeting/drink/party/Easter-get-together to give him a chance to explain for
himself. I assure you will have intriguing conversations.

Kind regards,
Miet Claes

— Miet Claes • mietclaes.com
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