[iRail] confused about API

bert bruynooghe bert.bruynooghe at gmail.com
Sun Jan 1 21:41:01 UTC 2012

Hi guys,

I tried to get some stuff working using the irails.be API, but what I
get does not correspond with the documentation (which is about 1.0,
not about 1.1 which seems the current version):

Eg: when I try this: http://api.irail.be/vehicle/?id=BE.NMBS.L2675
I get no stops...
<vehicleinformation version="1.1" timestamp="1325453829">
<vehicle locationX="0" locationY="0">BE.NMBS.L2675</vehicle>

Is there any other way to retrieve the stops of the individual
vehicles along the connection?

Kind regards,
Bert Bruynooghe.

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