[iRail] liveboards arrival time messed up

Tim Besard tim.besard at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 19:58:05 UTC 2012

Hi Bert,

> I have the impression that arrival times of trains in the liveboard
> are actually the departure times. Also, the station is the destination
> station, not the origin as expected...
That's the expected behaviour. If you want arrivals, you need to
specify "timeSel=arrive", e.g.
http://api.irail.be/liveboard/?station=Gent?timeSel=arrive, as per

> Is there anywhere a buglist to be found?
There are several. Firstly (and mainly) there is the Trac on
project.irail.be, which has a bugtracker at
Recently, some bug reports are being posted at the GitHub source
repository of the iRail code (at
https://github.com/iRail/iRail/issues), but I think that's only being
used for bugs on the new (TDT powered, currently in alpha) API.
@Pieter: maybe close down the GitHub bug reports and redirect to the Trac?


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