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Jan Vansteenlandt vansteenlandt.jan at gmail.com
Sat May 11 10:55:25 UTC 2013

Hi guys,

I think this project perfectly fits in a crowd funding platform. Any idea
if we can get the transport companies to join in (with resources as well,
not only ideas) on this project?


On Fri, May 10, 2013 at 9:07 PM, Pieter Colpaert
<pieter.colpaert at okfn.org>wrote:

> Hi all,
> We really need an engineer to put in work for data.iRail.be: creating an
> API for transport system in Belgium, from De Lijn, to TEC to NMBS to
> airports.
> In a second phase, we have this great idea to build this open source
> extension which would allow to store user content: what is someone's
> digital travel agenda, which train is (s)he checking in to, are there
> friends/followers on the same train, what are the most-used bus stops, etc.
> Would it be a good idea to try to raise 15.000 on a crowd funding
> platform? We could create a video in one day with all the people involved
> in transport applications in Belgium, who could use a common platform.
> These user-data will be able to be re-used and shared between prochain bus,
> iRail, BeTrains, RailerApp, Railmate, MIVBSTIB app, Railtime, and so on.
> Have a look over here for an interesting crowd funding platform:
> http://www.crofun.be/en/page/what-does-it-cost
> Kind regards,
> Pieter
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