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Pieter Colpaert pieter at iRail.be
Sat May 25 22:10:46 UTC 2013

Hi Wouter!

Damn, your app is beautiful! Nice work. It works as expected :). I "advise"
(since we've started wrapping all my advice between double quotes) everyone
to have a look!

Are you going to publish it in the chrome web app store?

Kind regards,


On Sat, May 25, 2013 at 10:32 PM, Wouter Vandenneucker <wouter at irail.be>wrote:

> Hi all
> Yesterday I talked to Pieter on twitter and asked if there was a desktop
> app or offline WebApp to check which train to take. Since there wasn't any
> and I was already searching for a first WebApp I could build, I took
> Pieters "advice" ( = "ooh, so you want a chrome app? Build it" ).
> And so I started building a little packaged WebApp for iRail. And even
> more: I finished it (mostly).
> For those interested, you can find it here:
> https://github.com/woutervddn/iRailChromeWebApp
> Please do fork it to the iRail GitHub, I don't have the permissions to do
> so.
> Of course I welcome all feedback.
> A few things aren't totally working like I'd like it. Html5 date for
> instance is dd-mm-yyyy, you can only change it by changing your local
> settings.. kinda stupid.
> -----
> Anyhow, in the process I also spotted something odd on the http://irail.be
>  webapp.
> When you search for a train (for instance:
> https://irail.be/route/hasselt/brussel-south/?time=1500&date=250513&direction=depart),
> you'll find that the first result is* 15:01 → 16:24.*
> *
> *
> If you click on "Earlier" afterwards, the link goes to:
> https://irail.be/route/Hasselt/Brussels%20South/?time=1501&date=250513&direction=arrive.
> Thus taking the first departure time and setting the direction to "arrive".
> This results in a list of results, the last one is: *13:10 → 14:51*.
> Thereby it's missing 3 trains departing between 13:10 and 15:01.
> The solution to this is fairly simple: instead of using the first
> departure time, the "Earlier" button should use the first arrival time.
> Then the link would result in:
> https://irail.be/route/Hasselt/Brussels%20South/?time=1624&date=250513&direction=arrive
> .
> The returned page will then give you 6 responses of which the last one is
> the same train as the first one of the original page (*15:01 → 16:24*).
> Kind regards
> Wouter Vandenneucker
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