[iRail] Raildar - heavy API use

Nikita Marchant nikita.marchant at gmail.com
Sat May 17 12:11:13 UTC 2014

Hello !

I'm writing some code to add the SNCB/NMBS to http://www.raildar.fr/
It's nearly working but the only obstacle now is that i don't want to hit your API (http://data.irail.be) too hard.

I'm querying  the SNCB [1] directly every 15 sec (same as the web client [2] so no problem) to know if a train has arrived in a station but i also need to know the departure and arrival times (+ both delays) and for that i would like to use the vehicle API [3]. The problem is that i might have to query every train every minute (200 trains makes nearly 300k requests per day).

Is this to much for you ?
Is there maybe a way to get data for all current trains in one query ?



PS : I don't see a licence on the data, is it normal ?

[1] http://www.railtime.be/website/map/StationLocatorService.asmx/GetTrainDataForJson
[2] http://www.railtime.be/website/apercu-du-trafic-trains?dep=1&tn=112&tr=13:30-60&stn=0&z=13
[3] http://data.irail.be/NMBS/Vehicle/

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