[iRail] Some numbers.

Yeri Tiete yeri at flatturtle.com
Sun Jan 25 18:48:55 UTC 2015

To be honest, if you (little Belgian) can "steal" 17% from them (2.613.294.914,56€ turnover company, if I'm not mistaken)... Then well done ;)

Is that on the total, or just Android btw?

I'm also sure that all BeTrains users have SNCB app installed as well. 

Kind regards,
Yeri Tiete

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On 25 Jan 2015 at 19:34:36, C. Versieux (christophe.versieux at gmail.com) wrote:

Hi list,

Now that SNCB/NMBS finally told us some of their numbers regarding native mobile application (http://geeko.lesoir.be/2015/01/20/lappli-sncb-plus-populaire-sous-android-que-sous-ios/ ) , I can tell you that BeTrains, with the help of iRail is about 20% (17%to be honest) of their downloads.

Just wanted to say it...

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