[iRail] Is someone in the list familiar with OpenTripPlanner server?

C. Versieux christophe.versieux at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 09:04:40 UTC 2015

Hello all,
(sorry, there are two lists -irail and okfn.be-, I don't know if you
received 2 messages and which list should be used )

I just tried to start an opentripplanner server (
http://www.opentripplanner.org/otp/ -
https://github.com/opentripplanner/OpenTripPlanner) to display the GTFS
data we get from TEC and De Lijn (maybe this already exists, I don't
know..) and create an APi similar to what we already have from NMBS.

I am pretty sure something similar existed (or at least for de lijn) a few
years ago, but cannot find any link or previous email.

The NextRide team had such a service till yesterday (
http://otp.nextride.be:9090/ ) but it doesn't exist anymore since the guy
that was crying for openess just closed it when I talked him about the link.

So, I have been struggling for one week to create something that could help
to build something (Thanks Quentin for his help) but I am now stuck, and
convinced that something might already exist somewhere or someone already
did it, but I must miss something.

I would really appreciate if I could get some help, or links to build
something and share it to community.

Thanks all!
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