[kforge-dev] plugins

John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftwarefoundation.org
Sat Jun 4 16:07:30 UTC 2005

Hi Rufus,

So, I got as far as this having this plugin plugged in and handling events:


which may (or may not) amuse you. It doesn't really do anything, so 
there's still plenty of space for attaching the necessary calls to 
create and delete svn repositories. When a repository is composite with 
a project (so that a repository is born and dies with it's project) then 
using onApproveProject and onDeleteProject events should just call 
something appropriate on subversion (perhaps we remove nothing 

But I've got a feeling that we'll want to change the event names, or at 
least add more, and use those instead. Perhaps, for example with svn, we 
shouldn't have plugins responding to project object lifetime events 
(onNew, onDelete, etc), but rather lifetime events of project services, 
or (as we said) instances of usage of a plugin. But that's just to take 
things further down the current route.

Also, there's a file 'etc/plugin.conf' which lists the plugins that are 
to be loaded by the system when it runs. Currently there are two: 
'example' and 'svn'.

There are also unit tests to exercise (almost) everything. (There are 33 
unit tests in total so far.)

I committed everything, and ran the repository test script, which runs 
fine reporting that it "ran 33 tests in 2.387s OK".

More next week....

Best wishes,


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