[kforge-dev] grievous svn commit comment behaviour

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Tue May 31 20:54:32 UTC 2005

Jo Walsh wrote:
> i've been musing over this voracious svn commentary issue. i found
> that 'svn commit' would comment the directory i ran that it, with the
> comment i intended for the file below it; but that 'svn commit .'
> works downwards through the tree even more voraciously, and 'svn
> commit *' isn't an option.

'svn commit *' should work but you might need to use --force

> it is a little frustrating. i tend to make lots of small
> interconnected changes and commit lots at once, so everything gets
> similar commentary. in trying to make more granular ones i wonder at

I would suggest using the standard comments style i.e.

   * register.el (insert-register): Return nil.
   (jump-to-register): Likewise.

   * sort.el (sort-subr): Return nil.

   * tex-mode.el (tex-bibtex-file, tex-file, tex-region):
   Restart the tex shell if process is gone or stopped.
   (tex-shell-running): New function.

   * expr.c (store_one_arg): Round size up for move_block_to_reg.
   (expand_call): Round up when emitting USE insns.
   * stmt.c (assign_parms): Round size up for move_block_from_reg.

(GNU-style apparently see

or http://svn.collab.net/repos/svn/trunk/HACKING (Writing Log Messages)

> the fast-ticking version number, i suppose it will get up into the
> high hundreds without much effort, one just gets used to that?

Yes that isn't much of a problem and over time it seems a better and 
better idea (at least i've found that)

> the line length chops off my comments which tend to be pretty verbose;

Hmmm that is werid. svn commit (w/o -m arg) should open your favourite 
text editor (if not edit your preferences file) and you can then write away

> i have dodgy scripts to generate rss feeds of my cvs commit comments;
> i should like to replicate that.

should be pretty easy (maybe use post-commit hook though that requires 
access to server ...)



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