[kforge-dev] random q re python templating systems

Nick Stenning nickstenning+kfdev at gmail.com
Mon Sep 19 19:27:12 UTC 2005


The main advantages of Clearsilver are its language neutrality
(although bindings for lesser known languages can be a bit dodgy ..)
and the fact that it retains an awful lot of power without drawing on
a full blown language - hopefully preventing sitebuilders from putting
too much programming logic in templates.

Clearsilver also has a pretty friendly data format (HDF) that's pretty
easy/foolproof to write in. Of course, that presupposes you've already
got templates out of the way =)

In all honesty, my personal choice of templating language for a
self-contained project that didn't really need to be language neutral
would be something like Cheetah for Python or Erb/Eruby for Ruby.
Something that requires a little bit of self-restraint when writing
templates but that has a good deal of power behind it.

Hope to have provided at least some useful insight,

On 9/19/05, Jo Walsh <jo at frot.org> wrote:
> hey john, thanks,
> On Mon, Sep 19, 2005 at 04:31:44PM +0100, John Bywater wrote:
> > http://www.clearsilver.net/
> > It's language neutral, and so quite standalone.
> luvaduck, it's fugly, though. it looks like it's trying to be both
> XSLT and php. One thing i did like about cheetah was its syntax
> simplicity, like Template Toolkit's, how composable it is for
> non-hackers, even up to the 'do a bit of php' level.
> #for $o in $objects
>     $o
> #end for
> rather than, say,
> <?cs each:o = objects ?>
>     <?cs var:o ?>
> <?cs /each>
> This looks too easy for sitebuilders to break.
> So language neutral becomes less of an advantage if less composable.
> frown... perhaps i'll just have to find the time to try and patch
> cheetah/stop rdfobj from breaking it, but that is not going to be fun.
> handwave.
> zx
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