[kforge-dev] permissions/access control system

John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftwarefoundation.org
Thu Sep 29 23:09:41 UTC 2005

Hey Rufus,

Just to say, following the chat in your kitchen, I do think that it does 
make sense to model a non-logged in person as a Guest and at the same 
time have a Guest role that a registered person can be given on some 
project. Then, projects are free to provide Guests with Guest rights on 
their project services, or not, as they desire.

I mean, I don't think there is (or will be) a confusion between the two, 
because one is certainly a person, and the other is certainly a role.

Does this really make sense? :-)

Best, John.

PS I've got all day tomorrow to work on the Trac plugin, so I would hope 
you can demo it at the weekend. If you need me to complete by a certain 
time, so you can install/upgrade then please do say.

Rufus Pollock wrote:

> This email presents an analysis of the needs of the Kforge 
> permissions/access control system and proposes a solution (which is 
> now implemented :) -- i meant to send this mail last week).

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