[kforge-dev] Iteration 3 finished

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Fri Apr 7 09:07:47 UTC 2006

Yesterday marked the ended of the 3rd iteration of this year.

This iteration has seen a lot of work by John to create a way to 
administer KForge (that is edit all domain object instances) from a web 
interface. Effort has been made to make the administration system 
'generic', that is to work reflectively off the domain model so that as 
you create (or delete) a new domain object class the interface updates 
automatically. This will be particularly valuable as we reuse parts of 
kforge in other projects (more about this in a follow up email).

This work on the admin interface has in turn resulted in a major 
refactoring and improvement of the views code. John can provide more 
details of this -- and I plan to send a follow up email summarizing the 
design -- but the views code is now looking a lot cleaner (just as the 
dom code took several passes to get it as slick it is now the views code 
  will take a couple of iterations to get it to exactly where we want it 
to be).

Some work on views still remains to be done over the next couple of 
weeks, especially on keyed lists (e.g. the list of services associated 
with a given project). However once that is done we will be have a much 
improved system with a major new feature ready to be packaged up as 0.11.

In the meantime I've been working on seperating installation of KForge 
code and creation of a KForge instance/environment. I've also started 
related work on improving and consolidating the command line 
administration scripts. More work needs to be done over the next week 
but you can already do:

$ sudo python setup.py install  # install centrally
$ kforge-admin <base> initenv  # create a KForge instance at <base>
$ kforge-admin <base-test> initenv # create instance at <base-test>

Finally latest iteration planning is at:


and we are now starting to actively used the trac tickets:


(up until now the wiki has been enough)



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