[kforge-dev] latest code changes: some brokenness

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Thu Feb 2 17:18:36 UTC 2006

Rufus Pollock wrote:
> 2. Because of some issues with the test suites not all tests have been 
> running and this means some of these changes (both access control and 
> services) has broken code, in particular the apache system and some of 
> the plugins
>   * the apache subsystem has now been fixed (code checked in earlier today)
>   * some plugins are still broken. The fixes are trivial (related to 
> change in syntax for accessing services) and should be checked in later 
> today or tomorrow. Note that this will not affect the base system and 
> the admin site

Plugins are now all fixed (in fact it turned out the change in the 
service access syntax had only caused problems for the dav plugin -- all 
the other issues were minor syntax in tests.



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