[kforge-dev] Logging in

John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftwarefoundation.org
Sun Jan 29 23:58:52 UTC 2006

Hi Mark,

You're right. There is a problem with your system. I tried login after 
registering, and it told me my password was wrong, when it wasn't! I 
haven't seen kforge do that before.

If you checked out the kforge source in the last few days, you may have 
got a broken version because there have been a lot of changes committed 
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. For a small number of brief moments over 
this last weeked, the latest version in the repository was, in one sense 
or another, a broken system. The access control system has been almost 
entirely rewritten, so you might have some bug that arrose whilst the 
changes were being integrated.

Of there might be a more curious problem! :-)

So, I suggest firstly checking out the current latest source (r712) and 
reinstalling. I've just checked that registration and login really does 
work. Also, the user code is tested regularly, and has been for some 
time. I really don't think registration/login has ever been broken since 
it was written.

Update, and let me know what happens?

With best wishes,


PS I noticed you wrote a proper regular expression for checking emails? 
What did you write??

Mark Constable wrote:

>I just tried a new svn check out and reinstall of kforge and
>have got further than my last attempt. Now a problem is trying
>to log in. I've registered myself as a new user and also changed
>the md5 password for admin (because I couldn't remember what the
>default was supposed to be) but now neither the admin nor newly
>added user can login.
>I'm not getting any errors, just the "Sorry, wrong user name or
>password." but I am definitely using the right passwords from
>Is it possible the new user code is a bit fragile ? Or is there
>something someone can suggest that I've possibly missed ?
>http://admin.motd.com FWIW
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