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John Bywater wrote:

> Slightly related to the single host thing: I implemented something 
> called 'uriPrefix' for another domainmodel application (called 
> ScanBooker), which allows the application to be run from something 
> other than /. This was needed because the user couldn't obtain any new 
> FQDNs from their IT manager, who is a point haired boss and very 
> obstructive. As this is a very common situation, I think the current 
> default setup, where you need to setup several FQDNs isn't really 
> adequate.

There is also a mediaPrefix setup in the template context, just after 
the uriPrefix, here:

For KForge, we would also need to define a projectPrefix, where all the 
services are rooted. The KForge base view class sets up the template 
context here:


NB Some rather bad names have crept into play here. We do need to review 
a few things.

Bye for now,


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