[kforge-dev] Changeset [89]: Added support for licenses in the web interface. ...

28: Timeline admin at okfn.org
Sun Feb 18 18:56:00 UTC 2007

Added support for licenses in the web interface. 

This turned out to be rather complicated than expected due to bugs in genshi (multiple attribute is stripped off select tags) and fact that you cannot use to_python from_python stuff when you have [MultipleJoins?][1]. 

* trunk/ckan/controllers/package.py, 

> trunk/ckan/templates/package/edit_form.html: edit and update now support licenses select field * trunk/ckan/templates/package/read.html: display license field * trunk/ckan/tests/init.py: add a url, notes and a license to 'annakarenina' * trunk/ckan/tests/functional/test_package.py: 

  * update edit and read test to exercise license related stuff 
  * improve read test to look for url and notes 

* trunk/ckan/forms/init.py: 

> note about filter_extra_fields 

    [1]: http://project.knowledgeforge.net/ckan/trac/wiki/MultipleJoins

URL: http://project.knowledgeforge.net/ckan/trac/changeset/89

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