[kforge-user] 10Gb repository

Francis Irving francis at flourish.org
Wed Jul 27 15:35:56 UTC 2005

How much knowledge can I store on KForge?

We'd like to start keeping out parliament XML files in a repository,
so we don't lose them (and for various technical advantages to do
with allocation of unique ids).

Currently we have 2.7Gb of data.  Soon this will at least double for
the House of Lords.  So realistically we are talking 10Gb order of
magnitude repository, which will grow at about that rate every 5
years.  And grow up in other jumps when we add committees and things.

- Does kforge have the disk space?

- Will Subversion work OK with this?  (I'd be more comfortable with an
  FSFS repository for it - what version are you running at the

- Is this the kind of thing you want kforge used for?

I'll do it, but only if you'll help -- http://www.pledgebank.com

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