[kforge-user] provide-kforge-0.13b1 released

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Fri Aug 10 10:12:02 UTC 2007

Matthew Brett wrote:
> Hi,
>> (However, as Provide doesn't quite calculate and substitute uri_prefixes
>> into provided services, you'll need to edit your new kforge.conf file to
>> set the uri_prefix (run: provide serviceconfig kforge 0.13b1
>> production), and then rebuild the KForge service Apache config (run: cd
>> $your-new-kforge-service-folder; ./scriptrunner "./bin/kforge-admin www
>> build" ). This step will be unnecessary after the end of this week.)
>> But please report on what happens!
> Did all that I believe, but result is as you see:
> http://imaging.mrc-cbu.cam.ac.uk/kforge
> http://imaging.mrc-cbu.cam.ac.uk/kforge/login/
> with appended httpd include

Matthew it looks like your uri_prefix is missing a leading '/'. (It says 
in the config file comments to do this but maybe we need to enforce this 
by checking for the leading '/'.) E.g. you have

 > Alias kforge/media ....

rather than

   Alias /kforge/media/

Also looking in the page source I note that you have e.g.


Unsurprising this isn't working :)



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