[kforge-user] Modifications

Christopher Hesse csh at scourcritical.com
Wed Feb 7 09:32:26 UTC 2007

Hi guys,
     I am attempting to make a few minor modifcations to the KForge
software for use by the EECS Department of Case Western Reserve
University (http://www.eecs.case.edu).  The two main things are:
operate on a single hostname and have a 'read-only' mode for svn
repositories.  The single hostname thing I did with a few config file
and miscellaneous kludges, and that seems to be working (any interest
in a patch?).

The svn thing is giving me a bit more trouble.  Originally I was
trying a Apache config-only fix, but it seems Python*Handler can't be
put inside a LimitExcept section.  I messed with permissions, but it
appears I can only add the 'Read' permission to 'Visitor' for all
'Plugin.svn' instances, not to a specific one.  Any ideas on how to do

Also, when I run
"kforge-admin create plugin <plugin-name>"
from the plugin docs, I get
"*** Unknown syntax: create plugin <plugin-name>"

I am using kforge 0.12.

Thanks for any help,

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