[kforge-user] Hosting on single machine

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Thu May 31 18:53:04 UTC 2007

Matthew Brett wrote:
> Hi,
>> This is our most requested item! It is also a ticket scheduled for this
>> milestone:
>>    http://p.knowledgeforge.net/kforge/trac/ticket/44
>> Even better I'm currently in the middle of implementing it. Current
>> target release for kforge 0.13 which will include it is the end of June.
> That is indeed very good!
>  From the ticket, I think I'd personally prefer something like:
> host/
>  /baseurl
>    /system
>       /media
>       /login
>       /logout
>       /admin # system administrator admin
>    /projects/ # all projects listed under here

But where do project/create/ /project/search etc go?

>    /{p-name}/ # default index page listing links to all the services
>       /admin/  # under here would go all
>                   # the stuff currently on the admin host
>                   # under a project
>        /{service-1}
>        /{service-2}
> on the basis that having a short URL for the projects themselves, and
> services, is more important. Obviously then you could not have a
> 'projects' or 'system' project.

I think a short url for the projects is also important. i'd also been 
thinking about just having:


This would still give us a basic offset which is useful (we don't have 
to worry so much about project name conflicts -- particularly if we add 
other 'controller' urls later).

I also imagine this is something where everyone will have a different 
opinion so I'm trying to design the system so people can drop in their 
url design of choice and it will 'just work' (tm).



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