[kforge-user] Questions...

John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftware.net
Fri Apr 9 12:45:40 UTC 2010

Hi Fabian,

Fabian Drywa wrote:
> Hi,
> I have had a look on knowledgeforge.
> Its nice.. but there are some things i didn`t understand.

Thanks! I've tried to answer your questions below. :-)

> Lets start with that one...
> This site _is_ a hosting site for Software-Projects... right?
> Or a "Demo" for KForge?

Yes, it's a hosting site for the open knowledge community.

> If yes,
> How can I access the www service after created?

For example, the KForge project "www" service is managed here:

and accessed here:

> How can I manage read/up-/download access for defined Users with Mercurial
> Reps. Is that Possible?

You can control Mercurial push by adding members to your project and 
making sure their role is 'Developer'.

It isn't possible to make any service entirely private.

However, private KForge Mercurial services *are* available through the 
KForgeHosting.com, which is run by the original KForge developers:


If you are interested in using KForgeHosting.com for a private project 
please contact me directly.

> And at least,
> How can I change the Trac_Logo?

You can do this via DAV.

1. Create a DAV service in your project.

2. Run Konqueror (or other DAV client).

3. Visit your DAV service in Konqueror using the HTTP protocol:


4. Log in - Konqueror needs the KForge authentication cookie.

5. Visit your DAV service in Konqueror using the DAV protocol:


6. Browse into the 'trac' folder, then find your trac.ini file. You 
should be able to edit the trac.ini file, and upload a new logo.

Best wishes,


> If no,
> I understand why I never found the right buttons XD
> Greets, Fabian

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