[kforge-user] Can't get to install KForge[MyQSL]

alienik1 alienik1 at o2.pl
Wed Nov 3 20:14:00 UTC 2010

I'm trying to follow steps in INSTALL file/online guide to install KForge on my server using virtualenv method, as it's preferred one. The biggest problem I seem to have is the database.

When, after configuring database as mysql in config file I run:
$ kforge-admin --config $KFORGE_SETTINGS db create
it works, generates the database on my MySQL, so I guess it connects well.

But when I run this
$ kforge-admin --config $KFORGE_SETTINGS db init
it fails with error saying the module MySQLdb doesn't exist. Well, I tried installing it trough apt-get(I'm on ubuntu), when going into python command and using "include MySQLdb" I don't get any error, which google told me is a good sign, so I believe this line should work.

when trying to install from the get-go with mySQL database with
./kforge-virtualenv --db-type mysql --db-user ***** --db-pass ***** --db-name hudforge --service-name HudForge /var/hudforge
I get errors as well...

Well, this was my big problem, I have a small one too. I'm not sure if I am following the instructions right, those are... kind of all over the place and quite confuse me. Might be partly to me being not experienced with python and virtualenvs.

I see it more or less like this:
$ wget http://appropriatesoftware.net/provide/docs/kforge-virtualenv
$ chmod +x kforge-virtualenv
$ ./kforge-virtualenv --project-data-dir /var/hudforge/data --service-name MyForge /var/hudforge/v.0.18

$ source /var/hudforge/v.0.18/bin/activate
(kforge)$ nano $KFORGE_SETTINGS //I change the settings to fit my needs, change it to MySQL, but most of things are left intact

Now I know I can activate plugins like that:
(kforge)$ kforge-admin plugin enable joomla
(kforge)$ kforge-admin plugin enable moin
(kforge)$ kforge-admin plugin enable wordpress
Do I need to do anything more with them during Kforge installation process? Will I be able to activate them later on? I didn't get that far into reading documentation on usage afterwards, because I well, couldn't get trough installation process. Will I need to install those services manually or will kforge use some magic for me? Well, joomla and wordpress are terribly easy to set up, but before I had quite hard time integrating MantisBT with SVN, so I'm most concerned on trac and subversion provided by KForge.

$ kforge-admin --config $KFORGE_SETTINGS fs create
$ kforge-admin --config $KFORGE_SETTINGS db create
$ kforge-admin --config $KFORGE_SETTINGS db init //as mentioned above it fails

$ kforge-admin --config $KFORGE_SETTINGS apacheconfig create

>After creating the configuration file, make sure to set the virtualenv bin_dir value /path/to/kforge/bin. 
you mean, uncomment bin_dir in nano and make sure it points into good directory?

>Then copy the …/kforge/handlers/kforgevirtualenvhandlers.py file from the KForge Python library into that  virtualenv bin. >This ensures Apache can access the code from the virtual environment.
cp /var/hudforge/handlers/kforgevirtualenvhandlers.py /var/hudforge/v.0.18/bin/kforgevirtualenvhandlers.py

And finally do things like in "5. Configure Apache for KForge Instance"
this is straightforward, I have experience with apache

Is my order of doing things right? At one point the tutorial stops being in virtualenv of kforge, so I don't even know if those are instructions I should follow, and when the heck should I finally use deactivate command to get out of virtualenv? Does it kill the virtualenv or what? How will apache work with it later on?

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