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For the attention of Development, Civil Society and LOD2 list members,

=== Linking Development Data Workshop ===

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workshop in Civil Society, Linked Data, Transparency ))

We believe in better Aid. Join us online on the 12th & 13th May 2011

More transparency of aid flows and results will lead to better insights and
collaboration. But how can we make this work?

Open Data for Development Camp (ODDC) in Amsterdam is a 2-day conference on
using open data in international development aid for developers,
practitioners and policy makers on the 12th and 13th May 2011. If you would
like to attend, book at: http://openforchange.info/oddc.

During the event we will be having an online Linking Development Data
Workshop. The workshop format will be two days of intense online
collaboration focused on ways of Linking Development Data.

The Themes will be:

International Development
International Aid Transparency
Civil Society
Not for Profit

The Outcomes we are working towards are to:

Empower recipients of aid.
Lead on transparency agenda.
Help reduce ineffective spending.
Increase visibility of social impact.
Link aid spending to results.

The Technology focus for the workshop will be:

Linked Open Data
Linked Open Data models
URI Schema (sets).

The Outputs we are aiming for are:

- Aid Ontology (IATI)
- Dev Project Ontology (Akvo)
- Research Vocabularies (R4D research meta-data - NIAS, Bernd and ELDIS
- Geographic Ontologies
- Local knowledge and softer information (IKM)
Business Case
- For Data Providers
- DFID Research & Projects Meshup
- IATI Map
- For Developers

The Inputs we have are:

- Organisations
- Activities
- Payments
- Transactions
- Research
- Local Knowledge
- Narratives
- Networks
- People
- Connections

In preparation for the event we will setup a Linking Development Data
Working Group to facilitate the Process of collaborating:

Google Docs
Linking Development Data http://goo.gl/f6HcY


send Skype request to davidpids

#openforchange on Freenode

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Open Knowledge Foundation List for Open Civil Society
Open Knowledge Foundation List for LOD2 project

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davidpids at gmail.com

More about ODDC

The Open Data for Development Camp is organized by Open for Change under the
responsibility of Partos and in cooperation with and financed by the
Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  It is part of the shared ambition
of Partos and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to report about results of
Dutch international development activities in a transparent way, on the
basis of open data. ODDC takes place at and is developed in cooperation with
the Royal Tropical Institute.

Kindest regards,

David Pidsley

Ambassador for Civil Society,
Open Knowledge Foundation

davidpids at gmail.com
Mobile: 07967 488604
Skype: davidpids
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Blog: http://davidpidsley.com
Lymington, Hampshire. United Kingdom
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