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Martin Kaltenböck m.kaltenboeck at semantic-web.at
Tue Mar 5 09:50:59 UTC 2013

Dear all
(apologise for cross posting!)


a few days ago the GBPN (Global Buildings Performance Network) Knowledge
Platform has been launched - see: http://www.gbpn.

It has been designed as a participative knowledge hub and data hub harvesting, 
sharing and curating best practice policies in building energy performance globally. 

Available in English and soon in Mandarin, this new web-based tool of the 
Global Buildings Performance Network (GBPN) aims to stimulate collective 
research and analysis from experts worldwide to promote better decision-making 
and help the building sector effectively reduce its impact on climate change. 

To sustain and accelerate change in the building sector, the GBPN encourages 
open and transparent access to good quality and verifiable data. 
The data can be used and re-used in HTML, PDF and machine readable raw data 
(CSV) formats – provided by a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY 3.0 FR) license. 

Read the full blogpost about all GBPN services and tools as well as the 
used technologies here: http://bit.ly/143SWBL


All the best - martin

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