[public-lod2] Contribution to World Environment Day - Energy Buildings Performance Scenarios launched as Linked Open Data

Martin Kaltenböck m.kaltenboeck at semantic-web.at
Thu Jun 5 14:01:21 UTC 2014

Happy World Environment Day!

Energy Buildings Performance Scenarios as Linked Open Data:

As a contribution to the World Environment Day 2014 today, the GBPN (
http://www.gbpn.org) launches a new interactive tool implemented by SWC (
httP://www.semantic-web.at) for identifying the best possible policy
scenarios for saving energy in the building sector worldwide. Users can
conduct own analysis and generate charts and tables by selecting parameters
corresponding to respective requirements. It is possible to download each
of the data series as linked open data in RDF and as open data in CSV
format. Data series are accessible via a SPARQL Endpoint (incl. a built-in
query editor)...

Read more (Semantic Puzzle Blog): http://bit.ly/UevwvO
And more (GBPN blog):

Explore (the Tool): http://www.gbpn.org/databases-tools/mrv-tool/about

Enjoy & regards - Martin

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