[MyData & Open Data] Some updates from the workshop

Sally Deffor sally.deffor at okfn.org
Wed Jul 2 07:26:08 UTC 2014

Hi all,
Thanks to all who joined us last month for the open data and privacy
workshop. We had really interesting (and I would like to think also very
productive) discussions. All the discussions have been captured on both the
Wiki <http://wiki.okfn.org/Personal_Data,_Open_Data_and_Privacy> and the
webpage <http://personal-data.okfn.org/expert-workshop/>, and they are
going to be updated as and when new information comes through.

I also summarized some of the insights I got from the meeting into a blog
post and would share the link here once it is published on the webpage.

As immediate first steps from the meeting, we would be commissioning these

1) A ‘talking points’ guide for communicating on issues in open data and
privacy (including documenting  both harm and success stories)

2) An introduction to anonymisation (techniques)

3) A resources toolkit (with a glossary of terms and s list of research
papers to support evidence-building)

4) A checklist for open data publishing and reuse (that gives a
consideration to personal data and the issues surrounding  privacy

5) A study report on personal data licensing.

We are also scoping the environment for privacy concerns in open data that
come up on other platforms and which could inform/and be informed by our
continuing work in these area. Thanks to Reuben's tool (still under
development) which is aiding this process.

And lastly, we are running a session
<http://2014.okfestival.org/festival-programme/> at OKFestival in Berlin
where we would be discussing and testing the elements of the data
publishing and reuse checklist. We discussed this a bit further during the
last WG call, but it would be good to have a sense of who from the list is
going to be at the festival, and what are your thoughts on this session (an
hour and a half long only!).




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