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 Dear IPEN Colleague:

Please find the draft  agenda for the *IPEN Workshop*
Engineering Privacy into Internet Services and Apps* on *Friday, 26
September 2014* in *Berlin*.

If you would like to register for the workshop, please complete the
and email it back to IPEN here:  *ipen at edps.europa.eu <ipen at edps.europa.eu>*

To send your information to us in an encrypted manner, there is a PGP
public key at the end of this email.  Please *register
for the event by *12 September 2014*.

A *Practical Information
document is attached, as well, for further details concerning the workshop
and venue.

Thank you for your interest in the initiative, and please do feel free to
share this information further.

Yours sincerely,

For the IPEN Core Group

Erin Anzelmo


*IPEN Workshop*

*Engineering Privacy into Internet Services and Applications*

*Date*:              Friday, 26 September 2014

                         9:00 – 17:00

*Venue*:          Berlin State Parliament, Berlin, DE

                         Niederkirchnerstr. 5, 10111 Berlin-Mitte, near
tube station Potsdamer Platz

*Organisers*:   Co-hosted by EAID, EDPS, Berlin BDI, OWASP Top 10 Privacy
Risks Project, ULD,



*Opening keynotes/Orientation presentations*

*Session 1:        Exploring the existing initiatives & tools and
identifying the existing technical gaps.*

The panellists will briefly present existing initiatives and tools for
privacy aware development and on-going projects, and then will discuss what
is covered by the existing tools and where there are gaps that still need
to be filled.

BetterCrypto and TOR are examples for existing tools and developing
initiatives, as well as the IETF efforts to consider privacy in the design
of internet protocols. OWASP Top 10 Privacy Risks Project will share
information on where privacy issues need to be addressed.


*Possible Keynote/orientation presentation *

*Session 2:        Use Cases – How can we identify and address privacy

Despite the preoccupation of users to protect their privacy, adoption of
Privacy Enhancing Tools has not reached the expected scale. Lack of
awareness of the existing tools, high complexity, and high cognitive costs
are among the reasons provided to explain the slow start of these tools.
This session will dive into the reasons of this lack of adoption by
focusing on simple use cases; comparing the issues these tools cope with
and the expectation of their users.  Once these gaps have been identified,
the session will seek technical solutions and communication approaches that
could close them.

*Lunch:         Possible lunch keynote/orientation presentation*

*Session 3:  Use Case Break-Out Groups focusing on where privacy friendly
tools are still needed.*

2 – 4 Break-Out Groups will each discuss one of a number of selected use
cases. There will be one moderator and one rapporteur per group.

Each group will focus on developing solutions to gaps in existing privacy
initiatives, or other well-known privacy issues. In the short time
available, groups may address the following topics depending on outcomes
from Session 2 and selected use cases – definition and scope of the
problem; impacts on other technologies and actors; the limits and benefits
of the proposed solutions; practical steps to implementing the proposal.

*Examples of possible Use Case suggested for Break-Out Groups:  *

·         Integration of 3rd party services in web sites

·         Transparent Privacy Settings

·         Tools against digital trails

·         Tool for mobile tracking

·         Password registration

·         Policy-aware Web

·         Secure transfer

·         Other


*Plenary:          Reports from the Session 3 Break-Out Groups by the

*Conclusions:   Where to go from here?*

*An after-party for participants may be arranged in the evening after the

*For more information about this Workshop, please see the Practical
Information document.*

*To register for this event, please fill out the Registration Form and
return to ipen at edps.europa.eu <ipen at edps.europa.eu> by 7 September 2014. *



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