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Dear OK folks,

I'd like to invite you for the Open Development Camp we (Open for Change)
are organising in Amsterdam, on 9 & 10 October.

On these days we'll bring together an international crowd to jointly

-   how (and even if) open works to empower local communities;
-   how to overcome challenges and stay away from the dark sides of open;
-   how open should be anchored in rights, rules and responsibilities;
-   how we shape open technology, and how open technology shapes us;

We'll work with local projects around the world to further shape the open
development movement:
How do we use open data, implement open policies, organise and collaborate
in new ways, and form new business models?
And how do we establish rights and rules around privacy and security, and
information and communication. How to develop a safe, inclusive and
equitable environment?

ODC14 will again be an active, participatory event. Get ready for two days
packed with:

   -  Interaction: hands-on workshops, discussions, hacks, brainstorms,
   demos and presentations. And plenty of time and space to get to know each
   -  People from all 'walks of life': NGOs, activists, developers,
   designers, researchers, social entrepreneurs, businesses, policy makers.
   -  Debates and deliberation on “open development” as a political
   paradigm that will occasionally push you out of your comfort zone.

Want to get inspired? Get your ticket for ODC14 at
There you'll also find more info about the speakers and sessions. The full
program will follow the coming days.

I really hope you will be able to join!


*Kersti Ruth Wissenbach*
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*Freedom of Expression & Information | Open Development **| ICT4C *

NL ambassador Open Knowledge Foundation

Mobile +31 (0)634193966
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