[MyData & Open Data] [WG-InfoSharing] Consent Propoganda & SXSW Panel on Generating Real Consent

Phil Booth phil at einsteinsattic.com
Wed Sep 2 11:33:47 UTC 2015

I'd be more shocked, Mark, except that the outfit behind this
(http://data-now.eu/about) is a 'front' for - amongst others - Google's,
eBay's & Yahoo's lobbying on EU DPR. The video is however one of the most
biased, and untruthful, pieces of anti-consent propaganda I've ever seen.
Great spot!


I was happy to Register to vote for your Panel, but major SXSW fail on
requiring me to then sign in with another login (Disqus, Facebook, etc.) to
leave a comment. Maybe you could educate your host as a first step that this
is deeply annoying and not OK? 




P.S. Text of comment I would have left:


"Like it or lump it" click box consent is anathema.

ICT is plenty mature enough to deliver far better, more equitable and
trustworthy 'solutions', but the economic incentives are all wrong - not
least because law/regulation still permits conflation of primary and
secondary uses (i.e. actually selling you the coffee vs spamming you about
the panini & chocolate muffins for the rest of your life).

This is an important discussion, and a great panel: upgrade the "Agree"



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Wow. Just found this Anti-consent propoganda in E
<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfCrYTZDQm0&feature=share> U  its a video
preying on lack of understanding here.  Am a bit shocked really.  But, not
surprised. Control over data is becoming a clear issue among the masses.
Consent is being mis-represented in the run up to GDPR (Updated EU Law)
release this fall.


The politics are heating up for personal data control and consent.    While
some efforts for a data control manifesto may be well intentioned, we need
to go beyond access and correction. Their is a lot of mis information about
consent flying around right now and people in VRM are very aware of this


To combat some of this:  We  (@iglazer @ISOCtech @futureidentity
@smartopian) have a panel for SXSW that is up for voting on consent How to
make consent work, generating consent, and the battle over control of your
personal information. 


If you want to help us get Consent  on to #SXSW
<https://plus.google.com/s/%23SXSW>  stages!


Vote For Our Consent Panel with  @iglazer @ISOCtech @futureidentity
"How to make consent work" By Generating Consent - & Consent Receipts.

Here is a link to the panel picker.
http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/48349  and   - A great blog post by Robin
Wilton on the topic. 


Help us educate the masses, 




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