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Jordan S Hatcher jordan at opencontentlawyer.com
Wed Apr 1 07:05:40 UTC 2009

Hi Matt
On 28 Mar 2009, at 13:34, Matt Amos wrote:

>> As you can
>> appreciate, these take time and we have limited resources (though  
>> just
>> a quick note/plug that you can help contribute to the project to
>> change that equation).
> please tell me more. i am not a lawyer, so cannot contribute a legal
> opinion. i had a quick look through http://okfn.org/participate/ but i
> couldn't find anything ODbL-related. are there other ways in which we
> can help the ODbL?

That's great and thank you very much for your compliments and interest.

In answer to your question, any help for OKF is help for the Open Data  
Commons project.

You can help by:

Signing up to donate 10£ / month (or another donation type) at:

Sign up to the announce list of the entire OKF so you're notified of  
our future activities

For Open Data Commons specifically, you can have a look around the  
wiki page for where we are at:

... and see where you can help.


Mr. Jordan S Hatcher, JD, LLM

jordan [at] opencontentlawyer dot com

More details at:

Open Data at:

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