[odc-discuss] CC On Databases (and CC 4)

Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Tue Feb 1 16:06:36 UTC 2011



Simply licensing database rights, just like copyright, but only to the 
extent they apply, just like copyright, is an option — but any option we 
take will be taken very carefully.


(2) However, where CC0 is not desired for whatever reason (business 
requirements, community wishes, institutional policy…) CC licenses can 
and should be used for data and databases, right now (as they have been 
for 8 years) — with the important caveat that CC 3.0 license conditions 
do not extend to “protect” a database that is otherwise uncopyrightable.


All of this highlights the need for interoperability across “content” 
and “data”, which means compatible (or the same) legal tools — a good 
reason for ensuring that CC licenses are the best tools for data, 
databases and content — indeed a mandate for ensuring this is the case. 
Thanks in advance for your help (constructive criticism counts, as does 
simply using our tools — experience is the best guide) in fulfilling 
this mandate.


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