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The 15th International Anti-Corruption Conference is due to happen between
7 and 10 November in Brasilia (Brazil). As part of the activitie, the *"IACC
Hackathon" competition will reward the best initiatives to solve
technological problems related to corruption*.

The Hackathon is an event where people use big ideas, information, data,
open technologies and many codes to create projects that can solve problems
which affect many others - such as corruption. Not only hackers, but anyone
who has any ideas related to corruption and transparency can participate!

Besides the award of € 6,000 to support the viability of the winner
project, developers of Brazil and the world can earn a scholarship travel
and accomodation to attend the 15th edition of the IACC.

For those who want to have a base, we have many challenges already
published in http://15iacc.org/blog/category/iacc-hackathon/.

**The deadline for entries is Sunday, 20th october, 11:59pm.** To
participate and compete for one of the scholarships, you must answer this
call for problems:*

More Information: http://15iacc.org/get-involved/iacc-hackathon/


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