[odc-discuss] mistake in ODC-AL text?

Maurizio Napolitano maurizio.napolitano at okfn.org
Sun Aug 25 06:26:45 UTC 2013

A group of italian lawyers started to translate the website of 
For the italian OpenStreetMap Comunity is very important have
an italian version of the ODbL.

During this translation process they have identified a section of the 
document that doesn't seem consistent.

They started from this website 
http://opendatacommons.org/licenses/by/1.0/ and say that in the section 
9.1 there is a reference to the section 4.8
They say that maybe should be 8.4

It's right?

Another question:
once finished the translation, what is the procedure to add the italian 
version to the main site?

Thanks a lot!

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