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I am new to this list although not new to okfn.

I am hoping to understand the apparent incompatibility of
ODC-By and the ODC-ODbL.

As most of you know attribution only software licences such as the BSD's,
MIT etc and CC By licence do not require that derivatives should be
licensed under the same licence. However the ODC-ODbL has the following:
"4.2 Notices. If You Publicly Convey this Database, any Derivative
Database, or the Database as part of a Collective Database, then You must:
a. Do so only under the terms of this License;

b. Include a copy of this License or its Uniform Resource Identifier (URI)
with the Database or Derivative Database, including both in the Database or
Derivative Database and in any relevant documentation"

The result is that Derivative Databases must be licensed under the same
licence which is effectively a copyleft provision.

But why then have ODC-ODbL?

I do understand that the licences distinguish between content and database
- depending on the content licence use it could be remixed - but only if it
is not a substantial part according to the ODC-By.

Was this an intended?


Andrew Rens
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