[ogdcamp] Brazilian open data team on the Open Government Data Camp 2011

Augusto Herrmann augusto.herrmann at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 23:53:23 UTC 2011

Hi, all!

I'm introducing myself as suggested by Jonathan Gray. I'm part of the
Open Data team, along with Christian, Nitai and Heverson, at the
Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management in the government of
Brazil. We are working on the project on the building of a National
Infrastructure (or INDA) [1] for Open Data. For more information,
please see this guest blog post we did at the OKFN blog regarding our
first open government data portal development sprint [2].

I have also translated to brazilian portuguese the CKAN software, and
help run the br.ckan.net community instance.

As for the 2011 OGD Camp, all I can say for now is that we at the
Logistics and Information Technology Secretariat (SLTI) are trying to
at least send one person to attend to the event. If there's interest
and room for it, we could perhaps talk about our role in the Open
Government Partnership [3], about the INDA project or about our
recently deployed linked open data pilot API [4] (sorry, documentation
is in portuguese only at this point). I haven't been able to make it
to last year's OGD Camp in London (though I wanted to at the time), so
I don't know if this would fit the format of the event. What do you

[1] http://wiki.gtinda.ibge.gov.br
[2] http://blog.okfn.org/2011/06/09/sprint-for-brazilian-data-catalogue-dados-gov-br/
[3] http://www.globalintegrity.org/pressroom/OGP-RFP-2011
[4] http://api.comprasnet.gov.br/sicaf/

Best regards,
Augusto Herrmann

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