[ogdcamp] Who wants to run an OGDCamp satellite event around 17-26th October in Warsaw?

Paul Suijkerbuijk paul.suijkerbuijk at ictu.nl
Mon Aug 22 18:06:18 UTC 2011

Hi Jonathan,

First to all, as an introduction, I'm the project leader / community steward for http://data.overheid.nl the dutch governement Open Data portal.

I would like to co-organize 2 meetings:

1 meeting of all Open Data portal project managers ;-) the guys like me
first step is to come up with an issue list I would like to discuss during this session,
second, setup a platform (email list..) to continue this on a longer term

2 meeting of government open data policy makers
For this meeting too, an issue list will be set up.

Does this fit in the program?

Looking forward to meet you all !! :-)

Groeten Paul

Op 11 aug. 2011, om 02:12 heeft Jonathan Gray het volgende geschreven:

Hi all,

We're booking venues in Warsaw for around 17-26th October. Many
partner organisations have expressed an interest in organising day or
half day satellite events to the Open Government Data Camp, which will
take place on 20-21st October. The slots are:

 * 17-19th October - pre-camp events (Monday to Wednesday)
 * 20-21st October - camp (Thursday/Friday)
 * 22-26th October - post-camp events (Saturday to Wednesday)

Partnerships on satellite events are *strongly* encouraged - both to
reduce organisational overhead, and to encourage people to work with
people they haven't worked with before (co-organising a satellite
event is a great way to get to know someone!).

For example, some folks from the European Journalism Centre,
OpenCorporates, OpenSpending.org<http://OpenSpending.org> and Scraperwiki have started planning
for a workshop on data journalism and EU spending data on 24-26th.

A few hypothetical suggestions:

 * OpenCorporates and Sunlight Labs might want to run a workshop or
codesprint on company names
 * Scraperwiki and mySociety might want to run a scraping workshop on
parliamentary information
 * Civic Commons and Open Cities might want to run a day on open
source tools for cities
 * Creative Commons, Open Data Commons and LAPSI might want to run a
day on legal tools for open data
 * Transparency Hackers and the London Datastore might want to do
something on organising hackdays

What do people think? Any ideas? Any suggestions/preferences for
dates? I'd quite like to do something on international open data
principles [1] on the 19th October. ;-)

[1] http://blog.okfn.org/2011/07/08/we-need-international-open-government-data-principles/

Jonathan Gray

Community Coordinator
The Open Knowledge Foundation


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Groeten Paul

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