[drn-cam-discuss] Reminder (TONIGHT): Next Cambridge Copynight: Thursday 5th October 2006, 7pm

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Thu Oct 5 08:53:20 UTC 2006

Look forward to seeing everyone this evening. Note that CB2 do pretty 
good food and that you can always eat at the same time as chat. If you 
get lost feel free to give me a call on +44 (0)7795 176 976.



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Subject: Next Cambridge Copynight: Thursday 5th October 2006, 7pm
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2006 12:50:16 +0100
From: Rufus Pollock <rufus.pollock at okfn.org>
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**** Cambridge Copynight: Thursday 5th October 2006, 7pm  ****

~ Redistribute Freely to Relevant Lists and Individuals ~

Announcing the next Cambridge Copynight dedicated to discussing digital
rights, open knowledge and F/OSS. It's a chance to chat and chew over
the latest tech and digital rights issues while drinking coffee (or even
having a meal).

Obviously this is likely to be of more interest to people in and around
Cambridge but anyone is welcome. *If you intend to come it would be
great if you could RSVP so we have an idea of numbers* (though, of
course, people are free just to show up on the day).


Rufus Pollock


Where: CB2 Cafe, Norfolk Street, upstairs <http://tinyurl.com/fcf27>
When: First thursday of every month
Who: Anyone who wants to come

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