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Something open knowledge people may be interested in!


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Hi everyone,
I've just been made aware of the launch of Hacks & Hackers London
tomorrow night, which I thought some here might like to be aware of or
Details and to sign up -
The story so far For the last 4 months, once a month, a bunch of keen,
but slightly confounded journalists has met up with some knowledgeable
and patient coders to learn the basics of Ruby and drink beer. (The
first 'Ruby in the Pub', as the gathering was known, took place in
March Joanna Geary, a web editor at The Times and James Ball, from The
Bureau of Investigative Journalism, discovered they were both trying
to develop some programming skills.) The event has grown bigger every
month since. Recently, though, we realised a similar, more developed
event was already rolling out across the US, and that it would be
worth throwing our lot in with the burgeoning Hacks/Hackers community!

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