[ok-london-announce] Introduction: Peter Hicks

Peter Hicks peter.hicks at poggs.co.uk
Fri Jul 1 06:57:33 UTC 2011


I thought it a good idea to drop an introductory email to the list,
seeing as many of you won't know me, and vice versa.

I am working on several transport data-related projects, two of the more
polished ones:

 * Transport Hacker http://www-staging.transporthacker.com/
 * TubeHorus http://www.transporthacker.com/tubehorus

Most of my time is currently spent hacking Network Rail-supplied
timetable data in a project called TSDB Explorer.  If you're interested,
sources are at https://github.com/poggs/tsdbexplorer and it's very much
a live project.

Despite my 'vast domain knowledge' (not my words) on the rail industry,
my career so far has been working in network operations/engineering, and
I'm currently working in the City for an investment bank.

Within the Open Data sphere, I'm looking to open up and make more
datasets accessible, particularly real-time data and fares information.

Outside all this hard work, I'm a keen cyclist and foil fencer, and I
listen to plenty of dark EBM/Industrial/Synthpop.


Peter Hicks <peter.hicks at poggs.co.uk>
Transport Hacker

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