[ok-ox-discuss] 'Ox Bibliophiles' mtg w/ Richard Ovenden: Mon 20 Oct

Nate Olson olson.nf at gmail.com
Fri Oct 10 10:55:46 UTC 2008

Dear all,

The inaugural meeting of the 'Oxford Univ Society of Bibliophiles' will take
place Monday 20 Oct, 8.30pm, in the Morley Fletcher Room of Worcester
College. The group's Facebook page, which includes details on this first
event, is here:


Scheduled to attend is Richard Ovenden of the Bodleian Library, who's
leading much of the University's work on digitization projects--including a
big Shakespeare initiative called the Shakespeare Quartos Archive. I've
never met him, but this seems like a good place for anyone interested to
make introductions. Also note that I haven't been involved with this group
at all, so I'm just assuming that he'll be there based on their notices.

Couple other relevant links:

1. Aug '07 interview with RO (see linked PDF): <
2. March '08 release on Shakespeare Quartos Archive: <

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