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Sun Mar 31 09:34:23 UTC 2013

*The inventory of currently unpublished datasets will start to go live on from 2nd September at 1700 for everyone to see what data the
government holds.*

*This is where it gets interesting. We want to see what you think. So, you
will have a chance to assess any of the unpublished items that you are
interested in. Whether you are an academic, journalist, interested
individual, entrepreneur, small to medium sized enterprise, big business,
social enterprise, charity, or anyone else with an interest in government
data we want you to tell us what we should be releasing and why.*

*.... *

*Your responses will be published on so that other users can
see all of your input. The Cabinet Office Transparency Team, Departments,
Open Data User Group and the Public Sector Transparency Board will start
the process of assessing and prioritising data releases and assembling the
National Information Infrastructure from 16th Septem**ber. As such, the
earlier you can give the feedback, the more likely it is to be taken into

*.... *

*You are also invited to a launch
event<> on
the 10th September. It will be hosted by the Cabinet Office Transparency
Team at 1 Horse Guards Road, SW1A 2HQ. *






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This week&#39;s call from=A0<a href=3D"" target=3D"_blan=
k"></a>=A0may be of interest:</div><div style=3D"font-family:ari=
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log/government-data-get-involved-0" style=3D"font-family:arial,sans-serif;f=
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Now is an excellent opportunity to highlight unpublished datasets which the=
 government holds which would be useful as open data!</div><div style=3D"fo=
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