[okfn-advisory] EU PSP Funding

Sören Auer auer at informatik.uni-leipzig.de
Fri Dec 4 08:39:32 UTC 2009

Hi all,

as promised I wanted to share some information re. EU funding opportunities:

The ICT-PSP programme funds projects supporting political goals of the 
EU. Goals related to OKFN are for example to make the EUs cultural 
heritage available through the Europeana digital library, supporting 
Open Innovation, open access and multilingual web.

In January the EU will publish a call for proposals with a budget of 
107M Euro, calling for projects in particular in the following areas 
relevant for OKCON:

2. Digital Libraries
   2.1 Coordinating Europeana
   2.2 Enhancing/Aggregating content in Europeana
   2.3 Digitising content for Europeana
   2.4 Access to European Rights Information / Registry of Orphan Works
   2.5 Open access to scientific information
   2.6 Statistics on cultural heritage digitisation activities

4. Open Innovation for future Internet-enabled Services in  "smart" Cities
   4.1 Open Innovation for future Internet-enabled Services in  "smart" 

5. ICT for improved services for citizens and businesses
   5.1 Enlargement of the Pilot "SPOCS" preparing the implementation of 
the Services Directive
   5.2 eJustice services
   5.3 Universal ID

6. Multilingual Web
   6.1 Open linguistic infrastructure
   6.2 Multilingual online services

More info can be also found at: 
There will be also an information day on 14 January 2010 in Brussels.

I'm definitely interested to work on one proposal. We can also try to 
get OKFN involved in other proposal efforts. I was the last two times 
evaluator of ICT-PSP proposals and will be happy to share my experiences.

There is also currently a call open in FP7 on

4. Digital Libraries and Content:
	4.1 Digital Libraries and Digital Preservation

This is more research oriented and the deadline is 13th of April 2010.


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